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We are a RHS Gold Medal winning nursery based in Cornwall, UK. We specialise in rare & unusual succulents & creating our own hybrids.

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July Plant of the Month

Aeonium ‘Floresens’

Our plant of the month for July is Aeonium ‘Floresens’. What sets ‘Floresens’ apart is its resilience and low maintenance needs. This variety thrives in a variety of conditions, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Its ability to adapt and flourish with minimal care ensures that you will have a beautiful, vibrant plant with minimal effort. ‘Floresens’ truly deserves to be the plant of the month. If you don’t already own one, it would make a delightful addition to your collection.


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About Succulents

Succulents are drought-tolerant plants, which are commonly found in dry, arid parts of the world. Due to their nature, this makes succulents extremely low maintenance and easy to keep. Their leaves and stems have adapted to store water, meaning they can survive for long periods of time without watering. If grown outdoors they will only need rainfall, no extra water needed. They also make great houseplants! Succulent growth patterns are fantastic architecturally and structurally with impressive arrays of colours. The scale of these different succulent plants can be from tiny clumping form such as Echeveria compressicaulis to the giant branching trees such as Aloe dichotoma. At different times of the year, the same plant will change colour multiple times, this makes keeping your succulents even more exciting and rewarding. All of these amazing succulent plants are available to buy online at our website

Why Surreal?

We pride ourselves at Surreal Succulents on producing healthy, high quality succulent plants. We grow all of our amazing succulents in house at our nursery and all our orders are hand picked by our trained team members. We pick the largest and healthiest plant for shipping and carefully pack them so they arrive in a healthy condition. We offer great support and advice to give you confidence in growing and caring for your succulents. We also breed our own varieties and are passionate about producing the most beautiful, interesting and hardy succulents available at our nursery. These include our desirable Echeveria and Aeonium collection. We stock a vast range of different species and hybrids online. With over 500 different varieties such as Echeveria and Aeoniums available throughout the year. For more information visit our advice and inspiration section where we go into much more detail about the different varieties available and the best ways to care for your succulents

Welcome to Surreal Succulents

Surreal Succulents began in early 2000 as a hobby with only a few different varieties. We now offer an impressive collection of succulent plants from around the world, including Aeonium, Sempervivum, Echeveria, Crassula, Sedum, Aloe and Agave. We specialise in rare and unusual succulent varieties, including our very own Surreal Succulents Hybrids, as well as Terrariums and Gifts. Our vision is to produce new hardy succulents for everyone to enjoy year-round.

Surreal Succulent are RHS Gold Medal Winners and have been featured on BBC’s Gardeners World.

New Succulents

These are the newest succulents introduced onto our website. We regularly bring in new species and release our own in-house hybrids. Browse the full collection on our New in page, or have a look at our Back In Stock lists for plants that have recently been brought back into stock.

RHS Gold Medal Winners

Surreal Succulents regularly exhibit at the RHS shows and have won many Gold medals for our displays. At these shows, you can see our latest garden designs and plants, including new hybrids. These designs showcase just how amazing and colourful succulents can be, especially when displayed in a contemporary bespoke designed garden. The designs inspire garden ideas in all shapes and sizes from a small pot, corten steel bowls, raised beds, and even vertical wall gardens. These displays show you that there is a perfect Succulent for any part of your garden.