Aeonium ‘Black King Kong’ is an extraordinary variegated Aeonium with vibrant colours and pronounced variegation at the centre. In bright light, it develops a deep red hue, reflecting its name. This cultivar is believed to have descended from Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’. The dark tips of the leaves lend this Aeonium a distinctive appearance.

It readily produces offsets and branches, forming an attractive pyramid-shaped specimen plant. The true beauty of this Aeonium is realized when it reaches maturity, creating a stunning standalone display.

In our experience, ‘Black King Kong’ has exhibited strong growth with consistent variegation. To maintain vibrant colours during the warm summer months, it is recommended to provide morning or evening sun exposure or keep it in shaded areas.

Like many variegated Aeoniums, it is said to have originated from China. This captivating plant with its captivating colours and robust growth adds a touch of allure to any succulent collection.


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