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Sienna – June 2024

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The plant of the month for June is Semponium ‘Sienna’. This exceptional plant was awarded 3rd place for Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. Semponium ‘Sienna’ holds a special place in our hearts. Its stunning, eye-catching burning red-pink colours during the summer months are truly a sight to behold, and when planted on mass, there’s nothing quite like it.

In celebration of this, we are offering Semponium ‘Sienna’ as a free gift when you spend over £40 on our website. To tempt you even more, we have the largest stock available in over two years. Plus, you will receive free postage on orders over £40. Please feel free to browse our amazing selection.

Just add £40 of plants to your cart and the Sienna will be added automatically (no codes or coupons needed!) Enjoy!

Semponium 'Sienna' Mature Specimin

The beautiful ×Semponium ‘Sienna’ is a intergeneric hybrid, the world’s first official cross between Sempervivum and Aeonium (a cross of Sempervivum ‘Green Ice’ and Aeonium ‘Ice Warrior’).

Sienna has a similar growth form to regular Aeoniums, but with more compact rosettes. It’s colour transforms from a vibrant green with an orange tinge to a deep electric red when exposed to strong sunlight. A gorgeous statement succulent.

Semponium 'Sienna' Mature Specimin
Semponium Sienna 7cm Pot

xSemponium ‘Sienna’


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