Haworthia cooperi ‘Black Muscle’

What a wonderful little plant this Hawothia cooperi ‘Black Muscle’ is, the fine delicate translucent leaves have these very attractive striations which almost look like pencil markings, the slightly blue slate colouring to the leaves just draws you in. The most intriguing part of this magical little succulent has to be the pointy shape of the leaves and combined with a low winter sun makes this plant look like a little gemstone sat on a windowsill.

Haworthias make the most amazing houseplants because they have adapted to survive with less light requirements, the ideal indoor placement for an Haworthia would be an East or West facing windowsill. When the early morning or late evening sun shines through the translucent leaves it lights up like a little beacon.


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Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).