Agave lopantha ‘Splendida’ is a stunning succulent plant known for its striking beauty and unique characteristics. Native to arid regions of Mexico, this species features rosettes of thick, fleshy, and spiky leaves with mesmerizing hues of silvery-blue and deep green. The leaves boast elegant white markings along their edges, adding to its allure. With a slow growth rate, it can reach a mature size of about 2 to 3 feet in height and spread, making it a perfect choice for container gardening or landscape focal points. Apart from its captivating appearance, Agave lopantha ‘Splendida’ requires low maintenance and has great drought tolerance, making it an ideal choice for arid spaces and gardens. However, its sharp spines demand cautious handling. Overall, this enchanting Agave species adds a touch of elegance and desert charm to any garden or collection.

The smaller plant in the images will be the size you receive. The larger plant is after 3-5 years of good growth.


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Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).