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Blushing Beauty – Mar 2024

Introducing Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’, our featured Plant of the Month for March. This exceptional cultivar, a cross between Aeonium canariensis and Aeonium ‘Schwarzkopf’, was developed in the United States by the esteemed horticulturist Jack Catlin, known for his award-winning creations. Notably, Jack also bred Aeonium ‘Velour’, the sibling seedling of Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’.

This Aeonium captivates with its colourful hues of orange and red, which intensify as daylight increases during this season, unveiling its beauty previously concealed by winter’s darkness.

Having cultivated this variety for many years, we’ve frequently showcased it in our RHS display gardens, where its consistent growth and abundant offsets have impressed. Some specimens have flourished to impressive dimensions of 3 feet by 3 feet.

If you seek an Aeonium with compact growth and multiple branches, look no further. This stunning plant promises to delight, particularly when illuminated by the gentle touch of spring sunlight. Easy and rewarding to grow a true standout in the world of Aeoniums.

Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’


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