Who are Surreal Succulents?

Surreal Succulents was established in 2010, the original collection having been started back in 2004 by succulent enthusiast Daniel Michael.  Now we have a team with years of experience growing succulents indoors and outdoors in the UK.

We aim to share our ideas and supply the ever increasing demand for these incredibly special plants.  We have a large collection of Aeoniums for which we have applied for National Collection status, which includes species, imports and new Surreal hybrids.  We also offer many Echeverias and work closely with Planet Echeveria to offer the latest hybrids.  Our range of Sempervivum also includes many popular cultivars as well as many new introductions.  Have a look around and enjoy our collection.

Our staff are all knowledgeable horticulturists with an interest in succulents so please contact us if you have any questions.  Enjoy your visit.