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The Royal Cornwall Show 2017

Royal Cornwall Show - 1

In 2017 we wanted to create a show stand with a difference. So we collaborated with designer maker Mark Lea to create a new look and display to show case our succulents and plants.

We worked together to come up with a design that was practical for the show environment but most of all to give our plants and succulents the theatre they deserve. Having a display where the plants are in a tapering like fashion really shows off their natural beauty and as we discovered, this made our stand very tactile. It was lovely watching everyone come and admire and even stroke the plants as if they couldn’t believe they were real, especially the Aeonium tabuliforme.

We used digital technology such as CAD design and CNC routing to design and make our stand. This was a great way to work as we could incorporate our logos and plants into the design. It also showed how an Aeonium tabuliforme naturally lives and generally survives better when planted at an angle. We explained this to everyone visiting the stand.

We really loved showcasing our plants in the display garden just next to our sale stand. The visitors couldn’t believe how architectural and diverse the growing structures in these amazing plants were.

We chose a range of plants that were hardy below freezing such as Aeonium ‘Ice warrior’ and the impressive giant Aeonium ‘Pomegranate’. This was one of the visitor’s favourites, as it was in full flower showing off its spectacular bright yellow flowering spike. We also took Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ and Aeonium tabuliforme as these are plants can be grown in partial shade conditions, normally found in the gardens by shady walls.

We had many of our show plants looking their best and we were so proud that many had come into flower for the show. The team really worked hard to achieve this and we think it really showed. The Aeonium glandulosum, Aeonium ‘Pomegranate’ and Aeonium spathulatum were really a sight to see.

We were so happy when we received a silver medal for our show garden

We would like to thank you all for your kind comments these are greatly received We can’t wait till next year to see you all again. Please visit our shows and events page to find out when we are displaying at flower shows.

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