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Superbang – Apr 2024

Plant of the Month for April is Aeonium ‘Superbang’. This ‘super’ cultivar has been chosen due to its incredible array of colours, ranging from bright limes and creamy-whites in the winter to deep reds and pinks in the summer. As it is changing colour at an increasingly fast rate at this time of year, we thought it deserved this award.

It is a common feature of our award-winning RHS show gardens due to its unique colouration. It adds an extra layer of contrast and beauty to our display.

It is thought to be a variety of the wonderful and popular Aeonium ‘Velour’, but this is not confirmed. It can grow to around 50cm tall and 50cm wide with multiple stages of offsets, creating a cascade of admiration.

If you have a shaded spot to fill in your collection, this will provide the perfect splash of colour to satisfy your demands.

Aeonium ‘Superbang’


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