Geometric Pots

Geometric Pots

Surreal Succulents have teamed up with an established designer-maker Sophie Jarram, offering fantastic handmade porcelain geometric pots. Every pot is bespoke, hand-decorated and come in an amazing selection of colours and sizes.

When you select a unique pot through the website, that very pot will be sent to you including a fantastic range of contrasting succulent plants, succulent soil mix and top dress. Starting at 7cm up to 20cm wide, get the perfect contemporary look for your home.

Stone Pot Succulents 2

Wide range of surreal and rare Succulents for sale, available for delivery worldwide. Including Aeoniums, Echeveria, Sempervivum, Hybrids, Terrariums and more. Beautiful and exotic succulent plants delivered to your home – browse and purchase our range of plants online.

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