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Sedum moranense – Feb 2024

Our Plant of the Month for February goes to the delightful evergreen Sedum moranense, native to Mexico and thriving in the upper mountainous regions of the country at elevations between 2,800-4,200 meters above sea level. This incredibly hardy plant is known to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

We’ve been cultivating this particular Sedum for many years, and it’s truly a year-round stunner. Its compact growth form features leaves that spiral up the stems, complemented by beautiful star-shaped white flowers that grace the tips of each stem in spring. Normally evergreen but sedum has the tendency to develop red colouring during periods of drought.

The versatility of Sedum moranense knows no bounds. Whether placed indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in any season, it thrives in every setting we’ve tried. Propagation is a easy, simply take a sprig and plant it wherever you desire more of this Sedum’s beauty.

Come drought, rain, or freezing temperatures, this plant remains a stellar choice for any garden or indoor space.

Sedum moranense


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