Sienna, Destiny, Diamond, Halo, Vortex and Mrs Frosty.

The world first xSemponiums, bred by Surreal Succulents. Buy all 6 Semponiums as a bundle for 30% off.

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x Semponium 'Halo'

The Surreal Succulents intergenetic hybrid x Semponium 'Halo' is named for the white edge that develops on each leaf when exposed to strong light. Its growth form resembles that of a Sempervivum, forming compact clumps as it spreads.

The leaf shape, however, resembles that of an Aeonium, resulting in a perfect combination of both parent plants. This unique blend of characteristics makes 'Halo' a visually appealing and interesting addition to any collection.

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x Semponium 'Vortex'

The Surreal Succulents intergenic hybrid x Semponium 'Vortex' is named for its fascinating growth patterns that resemble a whirlpool spiral emanating from the central rosette. This plant forms a large head, reaching up to 50cm in diameter, with multiple leaf layers along the stem. The unique growth habit and attractive form of 'Vortex' make it an eye-catching addition to any collection. Its captivating spiral pattern adds a touch of intrigue and visual interest to the overall appearance of the plant.

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x Semponium 'Mrs Frosty'

This x Semponium was named 'Mrs Frosty' after gardening legend and TV presenter Adam Frost's wife. This plant's name was decided on our Instagram live with Adam Frost over lockdown. It is a fantastic grower which has elongated spoon-shaped leaves. It has brown flecks that resemble ice crystals. It grows with an attractive green and brown colour which is capable of turning brown/ pink in strong light levels. It can grow to a large size in height and width, 60 x 40cm. It can produce layers of offsets, making this a genuinely different-looking Semponium.

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x Semponium 'Sienna'

Introducing the beautiful intergeneric hybrid ×Semponium ‘Sienna’, the world's first official cross between Sempervivum and Aeonium, specifically a cross of Sempervivum ‘Green Ice’ and Aeonium ‘Ice Warrior’.

x Semponium 'Sienna' is a fast-growing succulent that grows into a stunning conical shape. It produces a large central rosette with layers of evenly spaced smaller rosettes. The leaves are slender, with the ends of the foliage becoming more spoon-shaped. One of the most outstanding features of the x Semponium 'Sienna' is the colour. It has beautiful Sienna reds in the spring and summer, intensifying and becoming a vibrant electric red when positioned in strong sunlight. This succulent is one of the most attractive hybrids we have ever created at the nursery. The way the leaves illuminate when the sunlight hits them is like nothing else: a genuinely stunning plant worthy of a prime location in the garden.

x Semponiums are bred by Daniel Michael of Surreal Succulents and are PBR protected.

Important note: the plant you receive will resemble the picture in the 3rd image.

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x Semponium 'Destiny'

Plant Of The Year winner at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022

A unique plant due to its distinctly dark, veiny leaves. Colours range from bright green to a very deep purple in strong sunlight. An interesting feature of this variety is the way that it can hold its dark colours all year round, unlike most other purple Aeonium hybrids. This plant grows to 60cm across on a single rosette, but is prone to branch once the main rosette can sustain new growth, usually after a year or two.

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x Semponium 'Diamond'

Named due to the perfect form and jewel-like pointed leaves of this variety. This is clearly visible in the centre of the rosette. Eye catching lime green colour with a contrasting red outline to each leaf in strong sunlight. Can grow up to 35cm across and also offsets at the base after a few months of growing.

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