x Graptoveria ‘Nyla’ is a very rare x Graptoveria with the most intense pink colouration.

x Graptoveria ‘Nyla’ is an exclusive Surreal Succulents hybrid.

Finally, the day has come for the long-awaited arrival of the magical x Graptoveria ‘Nyla’, available here for the first time in the world.
The first time we ever showed this amazing plant was at the RHS Malvern Spring Show back in 2018, even back then we didn’t offer any to sell because we were showing the only ones on the planet at that point, since then we have managed to produce some more offsets but this plant has been incredibly slow to produce them.

The original mother plant came from a seed batch back in 2014 and out of the hundreds of seeds that came up Nyla was the only seedling of this colour, the rest of the seeds were blue, from the same seed batch we also got x Graptoveria ‘Supernova’.
Over the years we have noticed that not all offsets have this amazing pink colouring in-fact they revert into a blue form which is easier and quicker to grow which we offer online because the offsets sometimes revert we have come to the conclusion that the plant must be an incredibly rare mutant form, much like a variegated plant but this one somehow turned out into this unbelievable pink specimen.
To get the amazing intense pink colouring, grow x Graptoveria ‘Nyla’ in the morning or late afternoon sun during the summer, as we have noticed strong intense light can affect and wash out the colours.

The plant in the image is the one you will receive; it’s growing well in a 9cm pot and measures approx. 6cm across and 4cm high.

Named after Succulent Dan’s daughter Nyla.

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Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).