Sophie Jarram Succulent Pot

Contemporary handmade succulent pots.

You will receive a one of a kind hand made Sophie Jarram porcelain pot, succulent plants and succulent soil.

Sizes (Size may vary due to geometic shape)

X Small   – 3.5cm high x 6.5cm wide   – £20
Small       – 4cm high x 7.5cm wide       – £30
Medium  – 6 cm high x 9cm wide         – £40
Large       – 8.5 cm high x 12cm wide.  – £50
X Large   – 13cm high x 14cm wide     – £60

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Welcome to our Sophie Jarram range, these porcelain succulent pots are handmade and decorated. Sophie is a contemporary craft maker that is Inspired by anything geometric. These bespoke pots are perfect to make your succulent collection extra special. Simply choose a pot and our team will fill it with beautiful contrasting succulents to give you a fresh and designer look which will make a perfect treat or gift.

Your gift will include a one of a kind handmade porcelain pot, succulent soil and a mixture of succulents to fill it.


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XSmall, Medium, Medium Round, Large, XLarge

Sophie Jarram Pots

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