Sempervivum ‘Funny’


A characteristic plant with beautiful deep-red colouring. Grows like a ball or mound and offsets cleanly using stolons (runners). The leaves are short, pointy and covered in sun-protecting hairs. Easy to grow if planted outdoors.

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A Sempervivum hybrid with an unknown origin.

The plant is round and grows taller than other Sempervivums. The leaves appear as tight columns and the rosette features a Fibonacci spiral. It has burgundy-red almost purple colouring and uses short hairs to protect it from extreme sun levels. Hardy to -15°C. Offsets using stolons (runners).

A perfectly formed Sempervivum. It would look great planted with others to enjoy its unusual patterns and spirals.

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Red, Green, Purple

Growth Form

Produces Pups


Green Zone

Light Aspect

Full Sun, Full Sun Windowsill

Mature Size

X Small

Planting Location

Pot, Wall, Rockery, Garden, Conservatory

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