Oxalis palmifrons (Palm-leaf False Shamrock).

Oxalis palmifrions is truly one of mother nature’s most beautiful plants, native to south Africa where it’s dormant during the summer and comes to life during the cooler months. This plant is said to look like mini palm trees from above. It has attractive lush green foliage which can turn red/orange and can start to flower as the new growing season starts annually. Oxalis palmifrons is a very slow low growing perennial and can ten years to reach two foot wide.

This plant is particularly hardy to -10 but needs to be in a free-draining soil mix over the winter growing season. Can be grown in a dry bright spot in the garden or indoors, make sure not to get the bottom of this plant waterlogged, it will appreciate a good top dress layer.

This plant will die back into bulbs in the Summer months and this begins to die back in February/ March. Once Autumn comes, they will sprout back into life. These plants are winter growers and prefer lower temperatures during this time.

Note to customers outside of the UK:  Due to this plant’s tender roots, these will be shipped with soil remaining around the roots. Because of this, we cannot send this plant if you have opted for a phytosanitary certificate with your order and we will refund you if you do so.


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