Haworthia ‘Bai Miao Vientiane’ is a dark coloured Haworthia with striking contrasting marking on the top of the leaves.


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Haworthia ‘Bai Miao Vientiane’

Haworthia ‘Bai Miao Vientiane’ is a highly prized and collectable variety of Haworthia, the translucent top section of the leaves has the most stunning marbling effect running throughout, each leaf has its own individual marking just like a fingerprint.
The foliage is mainly dark green in colour with the outer leaves turning to a pinkie/brown under higher light levels. The foliage has a wonderful tactile texture that resembles an amphibious creature. Haworthias have adapted to live in lower light levels this gives them the advantage over many other succulents when it comes to an indoor environment, making them perfect house plants.

Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).