Gasteria ‘Little Warty’


A hybrid of Gasteria batesiana x Gasteria ‘Old Man Silver’ by David Cumming in Australia.

Gasteria ‘Little Warty’ makes a perfect houseplant, it has the most fascinating structural form with stunning leaf markings and a rough almost coarse texture. During the spring, they produce the most beautiful flowering display, featuring a tall slender flower spike boasting balloon-shaped orangey/yellow flowers.

Great for indoors, doesn’t require as much light as most succulents.

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Gasterias are commonly know as ox tongue succulents.

Additional information


Pastel, Green

Growth Form

Compact, Clumping


Amber Zone

Light Aspect

Shade, Part Shade, Bright Windowsill

Mature Size


Planting Location

Indoor, Pot, Rockery, Windowsill, Conservatory