Echeveria subcorymbosa (Lau 026)


A beautiful cultivar with large leaves. Varies in rosette size ranging from small clusters to larger single-headed specimens. Easy to grow. Under strong light will turn a paler yellow colour with more defined pink margins.

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Echeveria subcorymbosa is a species from Mexico. This is the Lau 026 type (meaning it has been recollected at different time periods and has different characteristics than other Lau species).

A plump shaped leaf that offsets a lot like a Sempervivum. The formation appears very compact and crushed, making it a very peculiar succulent. It blooms in spring with glaucous stems carrying red-orange flowers.

A real stunner due to its sculptural difference in growth form to all other Echeveria. It would look best planted as a feature plant on its own to enjoy natural growth.

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