Echeveria ‘Set-Oliver’


Echeveria ‘Set-Oliver’ is a fantastic hybrid of Echeveria setosa x Echeveria harmsii created by Victor Reiter Jr. in the US in 1932.

This perfect display of both parents is a must for any collection. The base colour is a deep green, the entire rosette is covered in hairs that will show off a silver glow under strong light. The leaf shape is very pleasing due to its slender yet striking shape and form. Taken from the harmsii side (one of the best features) are its incredibly large bell-shaped neon-orange flowers that will appear in the late spring/summer.

This plant will sit perfectly on a windowsill, allowing it to grow untouched to its full potential.

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Amber Zone

Light Aspect

Part Shade, Full Sun, Bright Windowsill, Full Sun Windowsill

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Pot, Wall, Rockery, Windowsill, Conservatory

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