Echeveria ‘Onslow’


Echeveria ‘Onslow’

This delightful compact low growing Echeveria cultivar is a cross between two of the most beautiful parents in Echeveria ‘Lola’ x Echeveria elegans, it can also be found under the name of Echeveria ‘Michella’.

It grows much like the very attractive Echeveria elegans, but the rosettes seem to be more open much like the formation of the Echeveria ‘Lola’, as the succulent grows and offsets it will form into a cluster of very similar-looking pastel coloured rosettes.

To look at the Echeveria ‘Onslow’ is a very different looking plant and definitely has its own stand-alone features, it is potentially hardier than other Echeveria varieties due to Echeveria elegans as part of its parentage.

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grey, Pale, Green

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Part Shade, Full Sun, Bright Windowsill, Full Sun Windowsill

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greenhouse, Indoor, Patio, Pot, Wall, Rockery, Windowsill, Conservatory