Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’ (L)


The plant you will receive is the same size or bigger than the plant in the picture which measures:

Diameter – 12cm

Height – 6cm

Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’ was originally found growing in Mexico by John Trager and Myron Kimnach, it was released in cultivation in the year 2000.

It quickly became one of the most sought-after Echeveria’s around and became incredibly popular in Asia, with the price for just one plant costing well over £300.

They are notoriously slow to offset but easily one of the most beautiful and rewarding Echeveria’s around, the most attractive feature has to be their pale green-grey leaves set off by their almost black outer leaf margins.

They are stunningly beautiful and structural succulents that rarely encounter any problems with pests or diseases.

They make fantastic houseplants as they are so robust and easy to care for, just place them in a bright/sunny windowsill and water when the soil dries, feed with a slow-release feed in the spring. They love our summers so growing them outdoors in a pot or in the garden in full sun will show off their full potential an intensify the dark outer leaf margins.

If kept dry outside during the winter they are hardy down to -7.



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Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

Green Zone

Light Aspect

Part Shade, Full Sun, Bright Windowsill, Full Sun Windowsill

Planting Location

Pot, Wall, Rockery, Garden, Windowsill, Conservatory

Mature Size



Silver, Black

Growth Form


Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).