Echeveria Agavoides ‘Arrow’ cristate

Welcome to the auction of this magnificent 7-year-old large specimen of Echeveria agavoides ‘Arrow‘ cristata. If the Arrow variety wasn’t already attractive enough then this beautiful cristate form will blow you away, a combination of green leaves and the almost black tips on mass just captivates you and lures you in for a closer look. They form without a central growing point allowing them to cluster and form the most amazing looking plant as it ages, the succulent on offer is a really strong and healthy plant that would not look out of place in any collection.

The plant in the image is the one you will receive; it’s growing well in a 1 litre pot and measures approx, 14cm across and 12cm high.

The Auction is live on Ebay and should finish on 31 October 2020 (around 4-6pm GMT)

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