Cotyledon orbiculata undulata


Cotyledon orbiculata undulata or otherwise known as the silver crown is a very sculptural succulent. As you can see it produces these incredible oyster shell-like leaves that neatly overlap each other. Each leaf has this silver like dust (bloom) that protects it against strong sunlight.

In time they will produce offsets. They also produce a beautiful array of orange and yellow bell-shaped flowers on a tall flower stem in mid to late summer.

All Cotyledon species originated in South Africa and seem to be semi-hardy. Cotyledon orbiculata has been known to survive temperatures as low as -6°C for short periods of time.

They make awesome potted succulents on their own or you could try them with a mix of other succulents such as Echeveria, crassula and sempervivums to create your own little low maintenance succulent landscape.

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Silver, White

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Amber Zone

Light Aspect

Part Shade, Full Sun, Full Sun Windowsill

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Pot, Wall, Rockery, Garden, Windowsill, Conservatory



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