This is the variegated form of agave univttata which is a very attractive, bright and ornamental Agave plant with its long leaves. This plant is very architectural with yellow-edged outer spikey leaf margins.

Agave lopantha ‘Quadricolor’ has very thin, robust leaves compared to most other agaves. Like a lot of Agave’s, it can withstand cold temperatures to as -10, but this will require very good free draining soil. It is a compact growing agave that can reach 50cm in height and spread when fully grown.

It’s best grown in full strong sunlight, and with a regularly feeding during the growing season it will take reach specimen size in good time. It can be grown in the garden or a pot and is best planted with a good layer of horticultural grit or gravel layer so water and rain can drain away freely, it is also advised to angle the Agave so that the crown doesn’t collet water. This is especially important in the cold frosty weather conditions.

All of these Agave’s are growing in 9 litre pots.

All plants sent out bare root.


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Please Note: Succulents change colour throughout the year and the plants we deliver can look different from the pictures. All plants are shipped bare root (without soil).