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Ordering from Surreal Succulents

Succulents Boxed up for shipping

Here at Surreal Succulents we thought it would be helpful to write a guide on the correct way to enjoy and get the most out of your succulent plants when placing an order.

Surreal Succulents are able to post orders all over the world, if you are outside of the UK we can obtain phytosanitary certification for export. This shows our plants are healthy and safe to be shipped to your country, bug free. The option to purchase a Phyto certificate is available at the checkout.

In some countries, such as  America, we can already ship up to 12 plants without certification.

Surreal Succulents has new stock coming back online from week to week especially in the growing season so it’s always worth keeping an eye on the site to see if your favourites or dream succulent has come back online for ordering. After you place an order you will receive a confirmation email

Then our skilled trained Surreal Succulents team will go and hand pick every plant. They will pick the largest and most importantly healthiest plant for your order. The plants are then de-soiled, as we believe this is the healthiest way to ship your plants. Shipping bare root also allows us to give the plant a root inspection. Posting this way is cheaper as its lighter to ship to your door saving you money.

We then print a horticultural label and your plant is carefully wrapped in soft tissue paper and the labels taped to the outside for identification. We then pack the plants with more tissue paper into its shipping box so it can handle the journey to your door.

Once you receive your order carefully unwrap your plants and admire your beautiful new succulents for your collection.

Pot your succulents up and give them a good watering please see our “How to care for succulents guide” for the best way to do this.

The next thing to consider is your plants might have been in a dark box for several days, especially international orders. For best practice we advise potting your succulents up in a 9cm or 1 litre pot and placing them in a position so they will not receive intense bright direct sunshine between 11:00 and 15:00. Your plants will need to reacclimatise themselves so we would recommend airing on the side of caution and allowing your succulents to adjust like this for 7 to 10 days. If indoors simply place near a window and acclimatise it in the same way.

You will notice your plants will pick up very quickly this way and will show their stunning bright vibrant beauty as they adjust to the sunlight again. This simply allows them to adjust to their new environments gradually so you ensure a smooth transition. After 7 to 10 days you can now place your new succulents in their desired location and please admire and enjoy them for years to come.

11 thoughts on “Ordering from Surreal Succulents

  1. Hello,
    Do you ship to the Republic of Cyprus?
    If so what is the shipping charge?
    How long for he plants to arrive here?
    Thank you.
    Steve Seabury

    1. Hi Steve,
      We can ship orders to anywhere in the world, we can even obtain phytosanitary certification for export if required.
      For the Republic of Cyprus we can post a standard order.
      This will arrive with in 5 to 7 working days from dispatch.
      Many thanks

  2. Dear Surreal-Succulents-Team,

    i have now recieved two orders and i am very happy with it. The packages arrived within four days (shipping to Germany), and the plants are in such a good condition and so well grown – it´s amazing!
    The shipping costs are really favourable – so this will not have been my last order!

  3. I have purchased quite a lot of plants from yourselves and I am over the moon with every single one.
    I cannot recommend surreal succulents highly enough, they are the best supplier of succulents I have purchased from by far. Thank you.

  4. April now. What should I do. Oh I’ll have to order more plants from surreal Succulents. Keep Up the great work..

  5. The quality of the plants I have received from you are fantastic to at the least. You really do offer a top class service. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for my second order which arrived here today.

    The plants are Sempervivum’s ‘Cahilascium’ and ‘Ford’s Springs’. They are healthy fresh plants, expertly packed and complete with typed markers.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Colin S hay

  7. Received a beautiful specimen of Aeonium Mardi Gras, today, to accompany my growing collection of Echeveria and Aeoniums that I’ve purchased through Surreal Succulents. I can thoroughly recommend Surreal Succulents, as all my plants have arrived healthy, in wonderful condition and they’ve always been most helpful.

    I’ll be back!

  8. I have received my order of Echeveria and Aeonium today, and am really pleased! The plants were well packed, healthy, in great condition and look fantastic! I found your post on ordering and receiving the plants really useful, and look forward to ordering more soon. Many thanks!

  9. Do you sell gift vouchers? I’d like to get one for my husband for Christmas, so that he can order nexy year.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, we do sell gift vouchers, just simply visit our gifts page and you can find them in there.

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