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Hardiness zones

Aloe Succulent in Cold

In the hardiness zone category we have decided to use a traffic light system to help you choose and understand the requirements for your succulents. This will help you understand where to place your succulents in a suitable location and what time of year to protect them or bring them in for the winter.




Green zone -2°C / 28°F and below

These type of succulents will tolerate below freezing temperatures, they should happily live outdoors here in the UK all year round but will not like being continually soaking wet during winter so ensure good drainage at all times.

Amber zone -2°C / 28°F

These type of succulents will live outdoors all summer but you need to watch them when temperatures approach freezing. These succulents will not like being kept soaking wet during winter or colder months so ensure good drainage at all times. When temperatures approach freezing you would want to protect them with horticultural fleeces or bring them in for these cold spells.

Red zone +4°C / 39°F

These type of succulents will live outdoors all summer but you will need to treat these succulents as tender. When temperatures drop for the colder winter months you would want to ensure they stay above 4 degrees for them to survive.

For more care advice please read the How to care for succulents guide in our advice and inspiration section.

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  1. Took delivery of my little babies the other day, all potted up and looking very happy. My new favourites are Debbie and tarantula. – tarantula even came with a flower stalk!

    Thank you for your quick service, all plants carefully packaged and well wrapped. Added bonus they came with their own plant labels so no heading back to the website to try and work out who was who.

    Many thanks

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