Growing Requirements for Succulents

Whilst many of our customers will be succulent enthusiasts and collectors, some may be new to growing these fascinating plants.

Succulent plants like to grow in free draining conditions and should be potted on into a mix with added drainage. Some growers like to incorporate as much as 1 part grit to 1 part compost.  Whilst incorporating added drainage is a good idea (the biggest cause of death of succulents is being too wet), we have found that succulents thrive with less added drainage than is commonly supposed.  The mix that we use at the nursery is 10 parts compost to 1 part grit, 1 part perlite and 1 part vermiculite. However, just adding grit or perlite would work as well. We do not use specialist compost, just a multipurpose peat-based compost mixed 50/50 with a peat-free compost. Again, any good quality peat-based or peat-free compost would work.

On the website you will find (in the category pots and extras) our compost available as well as the perlite and grit that we use at our nursery.

If planting into the ground ensure that more grit is incorporated (here a 50/50 grit/compost mix would be a good idea) and that the plant is removed to a glasshouse or otherwise protected over the winter months. Succulents are generally hardy to 2-3C, some well below this but keeping them dry will stack the odds in your favour. At the nursery we fleece our plants when the temperature is forecast 4C or below. When forecast 0C or below we use a double layer of fleece. It is important to remove fleece once the risk  of frost damage has passed to maximise air flow and light to the succulents. The fleece that we use at our nursery is available in the pots and extras category.

Although drought tolerant, from spring through to summer they should be watered regularly to maximise plant health, watering and then allowing the plant to dry before watering again. This will be every 2-3 days in summer, once a week in winter.

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