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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Green Zone, Amber Zone and Red Zone mean?
Succulents vary in hardiness. This is displayed by Green Zone, Amber Zone and Red Zone on our individual product pages in the attributes section.
Green Zone: Hardy. Can be grown outdoors all year round in most of the UK. Plants in this zone are hardy to -10*C and hardier.
Amber Zone: Semi-hardy. Can be grown outdoors for most of the year but will need protection from hard frost. Plants in this zone are hardy to -3*C.
Red Zone: Tender. Can be grown outdoors in summer for most of the UK. Will need frost protection once temperatures drop below 4*C.

Can I visit the nursery?
Yes, you can. The address is Surreal Succulents, Tremenheere Nursery, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Gulval, Longrock, Penzance TR20 8YL. Read more about our nursery here.

What size succulents do you have for sale?
Most of our online sale plants are 6-10cm in diameter. Please note the plants are shipped with bare roots. Pots are not included. For more information, view our Ordering from Surreal Succulents article.

Do you ship Worldwide?
We ship worldwide (outside the UK) upon completion of phytosanitary certification, for which extra charges apply. You will need to ensure that you have any relevant import permits (applies to most countries outside of the EU) – please check with the appropriate authorities in your country. You may have to pay a customs charge for your plants to make it to you successfully. We are working to reduce these.

How soon will I receive my plants?
Our online orders are despatched within 2-3 working days. Orders may be delayed over public holidays to avoid excessive length of time in transit.

What is your refund policy?
Customers are usually delighted with our goods and service, but if a mistake occurs, please let us know, and we will do all we can to make things right for you, politely and professionally. Please see our shipping & returns pages for further details.

Is online shopping safe?
Our online shop accepts payment through PayPal and Opayo to protect your payment information. All sensitive data will be encrypted before leaving your computer. When you go to the checkout page to complete an order, you can check for yourself that the encryption is working by looking for the padlock icon in your web browser’s status bar at the bottom of your screen. We do not store any of your card details.

How will my plants be delivered?
We send your plants to you bare-rooted, with most of the soil removed from the roots and carefully wrapped in tissue paper and labelled individually. The plants travel happily this way, and postal charges are minimal. On receiving your plants, they should be potted up as described on our growing advice page.

Will my plants be like the plants in the photograph?
Sometimes, when your plants arrive, they may not appear to be a true likeness of the plant in the website photograph. Our photographs are taken of the plants at their most colourful and attractive in dry conditions and high light levels. Rest assured that succulents vary in appearance throughout the year and resemble the photo when grown on and at the right time of year (usually summer).

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  2. I made two separate orders for a total amount of 16 plants a few weeks ago. The plants that arrived were perfectly packaged, quckly received, in perfect shape both in terms of health and form. All were almost the same as on the pictures, very good size and in perfect condition. The customer service was outstanding – I had to contact the seller for one plant that was sent by mistake due to similar names instead of another but the SurrealSucculents team were very responsive and quick and before I knew it I got the correct plant, leaving the wrong one (which was also a delight) as a bonus for me. I strongly recommend this seller to any other sources. I have bought on e-bay a lot of succulents and you pay the same money if not more for plants in bad shape and health, sometimes rotten and arriving with pests. SurrealSucculents is my favourite source now and I would not go elsewhere to get my succulents!

  3. Absolutely amazing. I received my plants today and couldn’t be happier, they arrived so healthy and quickly. Very happy with everything about this site. Keep up the good work!!

  4. I have been visiting your website for months. Finally, I decided to place my first order last week. I can’t be happier with the three lovely echeverias that I got! They are healthy, they were packed with extreme care, I am absolutely delighted with your service. I will definitely place more orders in the near future. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. This is to say a HUGE thank you to the Surreal Succulent team! I received my succulents today in Northern India in perfect tip-top condition. They were all big, juicy and very very succulent specimens especially the pachyphytum! They superseded all my expectations. It has totally been a SURREAL experience for me and my garden!

  6. I received my first order from you yesterday – various aeoniums and crassulae. They are fab. The difficulty now is to resist ordering from you on a daily basis! Thank you.

  7. I always purchase from surreal succulents, I love the way they pack every single Item with care , the postage rates are great and they are delivered within a week .
    Why would I need to go anywhere else when surreal can meet all my needs,Thank you.

  8. Received my latest order today, and , as always, plants arrived in tip top condition. Great service.

  9. Thankyou so so much for the lovely and carefully wrapped succulents. I am very pleased with my very first order an will be buying from you again soon.

  10. Very pleased with every stage of ordering. The website is easy to navigate, beautiful pictures of the plants, and useful information. The shipping was quick, and the plants were well wrapped and labelled. They arrived in perfect condition and have remained happy since potting.
    The queries I have submitted have been quickly and effectively answered.
    5 star review, would (and have) ordered again. I just wish I lived closer so I could come down to the nursery.

  11. I received my first order from you today and am delighted. I am new to growing succulents and am very excited to be planting my first ones. You took great care packaging my order and the specimens look fantastic! So nice to not have lots of plastic to deal with too. Many thanks, am sure that I will be buying again soon.

  12. I have purchased many succulents and they have always been in First class condition

  13. Just received my 2nd order, I placed my order on Thursday and got it the very next day!
    lovely healthy plants , well packaged and super fast delivery, 5 star service all round.
    Thank you Surreal Succulents 🙂

  14. I have made several orders and am always fascinated by the wonderful plants I get.
    Excellent service, prompt delivery and wonderful packing of plants.
    I thank for the joy of new varieties of succulents.

  15. Recently received my second order. The service A1; packaging and delivery A1.
    Quality of plants are superb.
    The nursery will definitely be a stop-off WhenI next travel to Cornwall.
    Thank you 😊

  16. Received my first order this week, everything packed and well wrapped.
    Everything was in beautiful condition.
    Will definitely be ordering from you again.

  17. I purchased an Aeonium ‘Voodoo’ from you a couple of years ago and it has been doing well but I desperately need some advice. The plant was moved indoors adjacent to a south facing window in October. It has now developed a flower stem and I wonder what I should do? I would like to keep the plant which is 2 feet high and last summer had a rosette of leaves about 12 inches across. Should I chop off the whole head or just the flower stem or let the flowers mature and hand pollinate them? Please could you help with some advice and possible outcomes? Many thanks

    1. Hello Margaret, thank you for your comment and question. Your flowering Aeonium will most likely die once it has finished flowering. Chopping it wont stop this process and will just deform the flower, so it’s best to leave it.
      If it has any lower branches which are not flowering, you can save and grow these separately. If not, you can propagate by collecting seeds once the flower has fully dried by mid-late summer. Just to note, the seedlings will not classify as true ‘Voodoo’ as they will not be genetic clones of the mother ‘Voodoo’. If your plant has enough energy after flowering, the remaining stem may re-sprout new heads long after the flower dries out, so if it still has life after drying out, it is worth holding on to for a while just in case it springs back to life.
      Kind Regards.

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