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Echeveria elegans – Jan 2024

Echeveria elegans earns the title of Surreal Succulents’ January 2024 Plant of the Month. Selected for its exceptional hardiness, beauty, and adaptability, this versatile succulent excels in challenging conditions, presenting itself as a true master of survival. Its capacity to thrive in conditions that often challenge other Echeveria varieties sets it apart, making it a standout choice.

Echeveria elegans is the model of adaptability, flourishing in wetter, colder, and extremely hot conditions. This adaptability renders it a plant suitable for everyone, whether adorning a windowsill, gracing an outdoor pot, complementing a display, or thriving in a terrarium. The plant’s resilience extends to its stunning appearance, particularly when spring unveils its abundance of salmon pink flowers.

Winter Colours

One of Elegans’ unique features is its vibrant coloration, especially during colder months. As temperatures drop, the plant naturally produces sugars to safeguard itself from frosts, resulting in a delightful pink hue, as depicted in the images. As a species, Echeveria elegans has evolved to possess these remarkable adaptation skills, earning it a well-deserved place as a favorite in UK gardens.

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences of this beautiful Echeveria a true master of the succulent world.

Echeveria elegans


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